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GPGPU 2015: High Performance Computing with CUDA

UCT Computer Science 2015



John Stone

Associate Director, CUDA Center of Excellence at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

NVIDIA CUDA Fellow, 2010 to Present



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Associate Professor, University of Malaga

NVIDIA CUDA Fellow, 2012 to Present


bruce merry Bruce Merry

  Senior Developer, SKA

Dr Bruce Merry completed his PhD in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town in 2007. Since then he has done software development on GPUs in both industry and academia. He is currently a senior developer at SKA South Africa, where he is the resident GPU expert for the MeerKAT Science Data Processor team.


Chris Laidler Tutorials: Chris Laidler

  PhD student, University of Cape Town

Chris Laider is doing a PhD into GPU accelerated blind searches for weak binary pulsars, using Dynamic Power Spectra and Hough Transformations.