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GPGPU 2015: High Performance Computing with CUDA

UCT Computer Science 2015

GPGPU 2013

29th April-3rd May 2013

Department of Computer Science

University of Cape Town


Although originally designed to handle computation for computer graphics, fully programmable Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) now offer a powerful alternative to general purpose computational applications traditionally handled by Central Processing Units (CPUs). As GPUs have overtaken CPUs in sheer processing power, GPU solutions have become particularly attractive for computationally intensive problems, such as data processing and physical simulations.  

This course covered the practical development of algorithms and associated coding in NVIDIA’s CUDA programming environment for effective general purpose computing with GPUs.


The course was attended by UCT Computer Science Honours (4th year) students and a number of MSc students from UCT and other South African universities. 


JS MU in class



John Stone

Associate Director, CUDA Center of Excellence at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

NVIDIA CUDA Fellow, 2010 to Present



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Associate Professor, University of Malaga

NVIDIA CUDA Fellow, 2012 to Present




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Associate Professor, University of Cape Town



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Associate Professor, University of Cape Town



Simon Ratcliffe

"The Barefoot Astronomer", SKA South Africa

2013 Programme:

  Monday 29 April Tuesday 30 April Wednesday 1 May Thursday 2 May Friday 3 May
9-10:30 am Overview and introduction CUDA applications I. John Stone (UIUC) A brief OpenACC intro plus other general approaches to GPU computing. Manuel Ujaldón Future Nvidia developments: Echelon project, Dragonfly interconnect, Maxwell and Volta GPUs. Manuel Ujaldón Supercomputers and GPUs: Presence in the top500, an overview of Titan supercomputer. Manuel Ujaldón
10:30-11am TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA
11-12:30am Programming in CUDA: the essentials : J. Stone CUDA applications II. John Stone (UIUC) The Kepler architecture and six ways to enhance CUDA programs using its new capabilities. Manuel Ujaldón Programming for hybrid architectures. J. Stone (UIUC) Many core and the SKA. Simon Ratcliff (SKA)
2-5pm Prac 01 - Introduction to cluster computing - Hello World on the cluster - CUDA Runtime API - Vector Prac 02 - Parallel Reduction Prac 03 - Numeric Integration Prac 04 - N-body Simulation